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Dearly Departed

Dir: Elise Martin

Vera’s relationship with Fred is beginning to blossom but she can’t help feeling distracted by three opinionated ghosts who also inhabit her house.


Dir: Elise Martin

Follows the events of a single night in the bedroom belonging to teenager Jessica, who believes she should be seen as an adult, but in the night her childhood comes back to haunt her.

Second Comings

Dir: Sam White

Jesus Christ has risen again. He's having a great time going on nights out and living in a flat with a group of students. However, when the first rent payment is due, he's forced to get a job, otherwise he faces being kicked out... Again.

An Unbroken Wave

Dir: Peter Rose



A short documentary looking into the life of Peter Abell, an avid surfer who has dedicated his life to doing what he loves.

Mark & Charlotte's Wedding

D.O.P: Harry Clarke & Sam East

Myself and the very talented D.O.P Sam East (www.sameastfilm.com) had the privilege to shoot the beautiful wedding of Mark & Charlotte.  First of many wedding films from myself and Sam so stay tuned.


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